Purchasing an essay is a major challenge for many students. Students ask different questions when purchasing essays online. Most students prefer to purchase essay online instead of writing. Majority of the students do not know where to purchase essay online and this makes it hard for students to purchase essay online. This is because most students are not conversant with the current technology. The  students  find  it difficulty  to access   the internet  so as to purchase  essay  online Also, majority of the learners  do not  have  easy  access  to internet  and  this  makes  it hard  for the  to purchase  essay  online. Apart   from  where to purchase essay online, students   ask  other  questions  like  which  company  should  they  purchase  essay  online.

The number of companies allowing students to purchase essay online has increased. Though, there are many companies that allow student to purchase essay online, only few a legal. Most of the companies that allow students to purchase essay online are not legal.  The  companies  are  only  aimed  at making  profits, but  not  offering  good  services. This has forced students to perform poorly in the examination. Students should analyze the company well before they purchase essay online. This  will help them  in identify  firms  that  are  ethical  and  those  which  are  not ethical before they purchase essay online. It also  prevent  students  from  failing  in their  examinations  as they   purchase  essay  online.

 First, students should  purchase  essay  online  if they  are  sure that  the  money  they  have paid  is  equivalent  to the quality  of the work. This will ensure students purchase essay online from companies that are ethical. The pricing  of  online  essay  is an  important  factor  students  should  analyze  before they purchase  essay  online. Most companies have set their prices high. This  has  affected  learners  as they  are unable  to purchase  essay online .Also, some  of the  companies  have  set  their  prices  low to attract students to purchase essay  online. The  companies  offer  cheaper  services  so as  to encourage  students  to purchase  essay  online. Students should not be deceived by such firms to purchase essay online. The students should analyze the companies well and their prices so as to be certain before they purchase essay online. Further, the students should not be charged an extra shilling when they purchase essay online. The prices should be standard when students purchase essay online. The custom writing company should avoid malicious activities as they affect students and the firm. The activities discourage learners from purchasing essay online.

 Students should be careful when they purchase essay online. Also, they should be careful when choosing the right company so as to make a wise decision. They should be aware of sites that offer cheap prices that do not meet the quality of the essay. This will allow them to make a proper choice before they buy essay online.

The custom writing company should charge customers on basis of their essays. Complex essays should be charged high prices unlike cheap   papers. The   cost of the essay increases as the essay becomes more complex. This will help the company attract learners to purchase essay online.

 Students should purchase essay online from companies that have good essay writers. This will ensure students purchase essay online that meet their requirement. Also, the  student  should  purchase  essay  online  from companies that  have  current  technology. This is because the companies will have a support system that functions 24/7. This will make it easy for students from all over the world to purchase essay online. Thus, the custom writing company should meet the characteristics listed above so as to help  student purchase essay online.

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